I’m an experienced broadcast commentator and a regular contributor on the Sky News paper review. I’ve also been interviewed on programmes such as Newsnight, BBC Breakfast, the Today programme, PM and Channel 4 News.

I also make and present Analysis documentaries for Radio 4.

Money for Nothing: Should the state pay everyone a universal basic income?
Analysis, Radio 4, 11 July 2016
Why is the idea of a universal basic income winning support from an unlikely alliance of radical leftists and libertarians?

Multiculturalism: Leicester v. Newham?
Analysis, Radio 4, 24 February 2016
How are Labour councils in two of Britain’s most diverse areas managing diversity? Why has an old-fashioned multicultural model persisted in Leicester – and has it led to segregation or integration? Are there any lessons from a new approach that’s been pioneered in Newham?

Free Movement: Britain’s burning EU debate
Analysis, Radio 4, 20 July 2015
Why is freedom of movement is set to become such a key issue in the forthcoming referendum on Britain’s EU membership?

Discussing the Budget with Krishnan Gurumurthy
Channel 4 News, 19 March 2015

Caring in the New Old Age
Analysis, BBC Radio 4, 16 March 2015
What do we need to do to improve the quality of older care in Britain?

Appearance on Leader Conference, chaired by Andrew Rawnsley 
Radio 4, 7 May 2014

Talking welfare on Channel 4 News with Matt Frei
Channel 4 News, 7 April 2013

Interview on Radio 4’s Analysis: Vulgar Keynesianism
Analysis, BBC Radio 4, Sunday 5 March 2013

Talking about the politics of welfare on Channel 4 news.